The GoldenMED Fund

Mission Statement

TGF GoldenMED is a committee under The Goldstock Fund which is a 501c3 Not-For-Profit corporation. TGF GoldenMED was developed to serve the Golden Retriever breed, and rescue community, as a supplemental source of emergency money for expenses incurred in the medical treatment of Golden Retrievers in need of rescue. TGF GoldenMED will consider providing funding to:

TGF GoldenMED will give the highest priority for funding to those cases where the animal is expected to regain good health so it can be adopted out. Priority will also be given to purebred Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixes that exhibit the characteristic good nature, and non-aggression that is the hallmark of the breed.

Additional GoldenMED Information:

GoldenMED Funding Guidelines GoldenMED Grant Application GoldenMED Funding Decision