The Goldstock Fund: General Fund
Decision Making Process

The members of TGF GENERAL FUND Committee will discuss the application and may request additional information as needed to come to a decision. Veterinarians, boarding facilities, transportation contacts will be contacted when necessary to assist the Committee in reaching a decision.

TGF GENERAL FUND may require verification of the conformation or medical condition of the dog and/or review of veterinary, boarding or transportation charges, through direct inspection by an individual appointed by the Committee.

The Committee will not vote on an application until a picture (either scanned or snail-mailed) of the dog is made available. Committee discussion will continue, and a motion can be made and seconded, but the vote will not be called without a picture. This photo is primarily for documentation purposes, but may be used for promotional or fundraising activities.

If the Committee votes to fund the application, a check will be issued by the Treasurer of The Goldstock Fund and mailed to the applicant. Bills for the medical treatment, boarding or transportation costs must be provided to the Treasurer before the check is issued. The check will reimburse, in whole or in part, the expenses billed by the organization or veterinarian providing services. In some cases an individual may be reimbursed for verified prior expenditures (receipts required).

If the procedure/expense has not been incurred, and the application is being made because the rescuer/adopter lacks funding, TGF GENERAL FUND will pay the veterinarian directly. If the rescuer/adopter has paid for the procedure, boarding or transportation, TGF GENERAL FUND will reimburse the rescuer/adopter. Under no circumstances will TGF GENERAL FUND pay up-front for services to be rendered.

Applicant will receive letter or electronic mail as to whether the grant request has been approved, and as to amount of the grant. If the grant requests has been denied the letter or electronic mail will include explanation for the denial and an offer of possible alternatives to the applicant.

Responsibilities of the Applicant

  1. The rescuer will have established a first contact with the dog and the applicable interested party (shelter, veterinarian, etc.). The first contact should establish that need for assistance truly exists.
  2. The application will review the criteria for funding to determine if the case meets with TGF GENERAL FUND requirements for consideration.
  3. The applicant will fill out the application in its entirety, providing all requested information. To ensure that applications can be fully reviewed by the Committee in a timely manner it is necessary for applications to be complete.
  4. A picture of the dog must be made available.
  5. The applicant will be responsible for supervising final decisions on medical treatment, follow-up, fostering, spaying or neutering, and adoption. Proof of neutering/spaying must be sent to TGF GENERAL FUND when that procedure has been completed, and before the dog is adopted out.
  6. The applicant must assure TGF GENERAL FUND Committee that an adequate foster home or caregiver is available during the dog's full period of recovery, during boarding or transportation.
  7. The applicant must agree to stay in periodic contact with TGF GENERAL FUND while treatment is ongoing, or during boarding for transport and for a period of at least one year following completion of treatment or services.

The Committee may vote to waive or delay any of the above requirements in the case of a pressing emergency situation. In those rare emergency cases when a vote is taken prior to receipt of a picture, no funds will be issued until a picture has been made available. If the vote to fund has passed, and the picture shows a dog that does not met our guidelines, the approval for funding may be withdrawn.