Books specifically about Golden Retrievers

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by Debra Marlin

Whether frolicking on the beach, playing hide-and-seek in the woods, snoozing on the porch, or splashing in the ocean, the adorable Golden Retriever puppies of Yellowpup will steal your heart in this charming sequel to the well-loved book Yellowdog.

With an obvious affection for her subject, Debra Marlin truly captures the spirit of puppyhood in her irresistible images. Alternately wise, mischievous, innocent, and inquisitive, these darling balls of fur are as entertaining as they are endearing.


by Todd R. Berger (Editor), Sandy Carey (Photographer)

Synopsis Stories by Dean Koontz, Timothy Foote, and Karyn Kay Zweifel tell of the joy of owning a Golden Retriever. Diverse photos capture the breed's easy-going temperament and good looks at play, work, and rest. 120+ color photos.

by Julie Cairns

Book Description Everything you need to know about Golden Retrievers is here, from buying one to grooming, training, understanding the breed standard, breeding and health concerns. Recommended by Anney Doucette.

by Arthur Vanderbilt

This book has been recommended by several members of the golden email list! Publication date is June 1998.

by Marcia R. Schlehr

A thorough, detailed reference covering all aspects of golden retriever characteristics, care, and show attributes. Includes b&w photos, a bibliography, and a list of addresses of interest.

This one is for every golden retriever owner!

by Dale C. Spartas (Photographer), Tom Davis

Just Goldens takes an affectionate look at this dog that brightens its owners' days and enriches their lives with its tail-wagging, heartwarming presence. 200+ color photos

by Mordecai Siegal, Matthew Margolis, Karen Taylor (Photographer)

This book recommended by Matt Molay.