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Canine Cancer Research Information

Canine Cancer is the leading cause of death in Golden Retrievers.

There are dedicated scientists conducting research across the country. Many of these studies need dogs to participate in the research. Many times that participation can be as simple as a blood sample. Others are looking for samples, detailed info and more from dogs diagnosed with specific types of cancer.

We at The Goldstock Fund want to provide a central location of information on active Canine Cancer Research. Our first priority would be to focus on those studies that involve Golden Retrievers. We realize, however, that other studies being done could impact our breed further down the research line. We also would like to include those studies as time permits.

All too often, we see posts or get calls from someone who has just gotten the diagnosis of cancer for their golden companion and don't know where to turn for information. If you have been in this situation, you know how difficult it is to put aside your grief and emotion to sort through the multitude of web sites out there or to pull your old magazines down and try to remember which one contained the specific research info for the specific study in which you are interested. Our hope is that the information listed here will be a resource for owners. We also hope that by making it easier for owners to find information on what studies are being conducted, people will be more willing to participate in this research.

Although some of these studies may have very specific criteria for participation, others will be looking for samples to be used for control groups (i.e. healthy Golden Retrievers). Many of the studies will not be restricted to Golden Retrievers, but will include various other breeds.

If you hear of a research study, please mailto: as we want to include all studies seeking participants.

We salute the researchers dedicated to finding cures and answers. We applaud the owners who refuse to let their dogs die in vain, and who have the courage to take the extra step to help these researchers be successful.

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