Welcome To Camp Lucy's Wee Dog Weekend!

This festive weekend event in October 2009 will be held at Maine's beautiful Sheepscot Harbour Village and Resort October 16 to the18th, exclusively for people and their wee dogs. Wee Dogs are the smallest members of the canine world weighing less than 20 pounds.

We are very happy if you will be attending Camp Lucy's Wee Dog Weekend in October and look forward to meeting you and your canine companions.

TGF Lucy's Legacy has rented the Sheepscot Harbour facilities where the Wee Dog Weekend will be held. Sheepscot Harbour Village and Resort is located on Davis Island near the town of Wiscasset, Maine. For driving instructions click here. This ocean front resort is approximately 21/2 hours from Boston.

On the following pages you will learn more about this special Camp Lucy experience. Included is a List of what to bring to the weekend, a mandatory Vet Form that must be completed and other important messages. Please take a few minutes to review the material and if you have any questions feel free to contact Joan Puglia at 179 Marblehead Street, North Reading, MA 01864

Camp Lucy's Wee Dog Weekend is committed to providing activities and an environment that embraces the relationship between humans and their dog companions. Relaxation and recreation for both humans and dogs are at the root of all activities.

The cost for this all inclusive weekend? $200/per person, for a spacious semi private room, or $240 for a luxurious private room. This fee includes all the educational and social weekend activities, workshops, the use of resort facilities such as the Indoor grotto pool and Jacuzzi, seaside walking and biking trails amid glorious foliage, all meals provided in an on site award winning restaurant, spacious and luxurious private and semi-private accommodations. This is a weekend when memories that will last a lifetime can be made.

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