Lucy's Token of Love Program

The Goldstock Fund Lucy's Legacy presents the Lucy's Token of Love Program.

The importance of companion animals in the lives of elderly people, especially those living alone is well documented. A disturbing trend has been noted by health caregivers that many elderly clients are giving the protein part of their Meals on Wheels lunches to their companion animals because they can no longer afford to feed their pets or do not have the mobility to shop for such items.

The Lucy's Token of Love will provide appropriate home delivered food, litter and in home grooming for the companion animals of the clients of specific Meals on Wheels and Elderly Congregate Lunch Programs.

The Lucy's Token of Love Program will serve this vulnerable population thus enhancing the lives of both the clients and their companion animals. This will decrease the number of companion animals (usually elderly too) that will be turned into shelters to face a very uncertain future because their owners can no longer care for them. The clients can then return to eating the nutritious, medically appropriate meals provided for them by the Meals on Wheels and Congregate Lunch Programs and they will feel stronger and be better able to perform the activities of daily living that allow them to live as independently as possible.

Initially the Lucy's Token of Love Program will function as a Pilot Project for 1 year and will be held in MA at 1 rural and 1 urban Meals on Wheels Programs and 2 Elderly Congregate Lunch Programs. Developing the program to meet the needs of these diverse elderly populations will enable us to develop a service delivery system that can be generalized to serve many elderly clients throughout the country.

At the end of the 1 year Pilot Project the plan is for the Lucy's Token of Love to expand its services to other communities and states.. It will also serve as a teaching model for other organizations that wish to develop a similar program in their community.

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