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2016 Camp Lucy

Well, our 9th Camp Lucy has drawn to a close. We had more people than last year and the pressure was on to make sure Camp Lucy met their expectations. Judging from the comments we got, I think we did! Our regulars were there again this year. Sara Moore, our Animal Communicator, Leslie Russell, our Reiki Master, and Marie Hanson, our Massage Therapist. They have all been a staple in almost every Camp Lucy, and I am blessed that they continue to bring us their very special talents.

The weather started out hot and humid. On a spur of the moment decision we decided to rent a pontoon boat from Ossipee Lake Marina and give campers a tour of the lake they have only seen from the shore. The tour was so popular that we added a sunset cruise and another on Saturday morning. I think this may become a regular event. My good friend, Duane Clause, piloted the boat for us. Duane is a licensed Captain who is used to driving a 42 foot Post sport fisherman in the open ocean, so our little 24 foot pontoon boat, on a serene NH lake was no challenge. Thank you Duane!

Friday night we had our second annual campfire on the beach. Everyone came for it and we had a roaring fire, adult beverages, music, and laughter. Dogs seem to be naturally drawn to the fire and they all got comfortable and were soon snoozing on the warm sand.

Saturday, a cold front moved through and we had some clouds and eventually a bit of rain and some crazy wind, but it came at the right time and didn’t affect any of the activities. As has been the tradition the past few years, we offered a lobster dinner in addition to our regular meal. 29 people took us up on the offer and they ate a combined 42 lobsters. Nicky, our NY chef, was there again this year and she made sure that everyone was well fed. She even had hors d’oeuvre’s on Saturday (On top of everything else) consisting of jumbo shrimp, bruschetta, and some sort of meat roll.

Later Saturday, we held the Candle Ceremony but this year we added something new. After the traditional ceremony, some people made their way to the waterfront where we sent paper lotus flowers that had little tea lights in the centers, out onto the lake. It was a beautiful and moving tribute. This may come back next year, weather permitting, of course.

Sunday dawned bright and cool. We spent the day just relaxing by the water, visiting with friends and they dogs and, oh, I forgot, the silent auction! Bidding was hot and heavy as the 11, 11:30, and noon closing times drew near. We staggered the end times for the three tables that were filled with all sorts of cool items, so that it would be less confusing and easier for our hard working silent auction manager, Suzy Nattress.

For the rest of the day on Sunday, people started heading home and more than a few of them were already making plans to come back next year. I am already planning and hope to make Camp Lucy 2017 the best one yet!

Chandler Rudd