2015 Camp Lucy

$16.78 with picture, Any text

$10.75 plaque without picture. Any text.

This year, Camp Lucy  will have a very special feature at camp. We have made a beautiful memorial wall that will be covered with brass plaques honoring our pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Each plaque is 2 inches high by four inches long. They will be made by Halex Awards. You can order the plaques and they will be shipped to you then you will bring them to camp where we will mount them. Pricing is on the order form. If you order more than one, the shipping will remain the same.

The plaques can be ordered with or without a picture.  If you choose to add a picture, the is an email address on the form.  Email them with the attached picture. Make sure your name is prominently featured in the email.

Prices are listed under the photos.  There's an additional shipping chage of
$5.75 shipping for one or more plaques.