The New Cafeteria Building

As we get ready for Camp Lucy, 2009, I took a ride up to Freedom, NH to check out the new cafeteria building. As most of you know, the original building was destroyed the winter before last when it collapsed under tons of freshly fallen snow. Last year the camp had erected a huge tent on the site of the old building. It was impressive to say the least. The word "tent" does not accurately describe it. It served its purpose and at the close of Camp Lucy last September, they tore it down and began construction of the new building.

Camp Robin Hood pulled out all the stops and built the building of their dreams. They took advantage of the location and situated the building so that all of the huge windows look out on Ossipee Lake.. The kitchen is state of the art and designed to efficiently feed hundreds of hungry kids ..or scores of hungry dog lovers. Nicky, their Chef will be in Heaven, working with all the new equipment!

The building will be done by the time the kids get there with no time to spare. Eventually, there will be bunks below the dining room but they won't be done until the 2010 camping season.

I may take one more trip up there when camp is in session and get some pictures of the working camp.

Enjoy the pictures, We'll see you in September!

- Chan