September 2018

Due to changing priorities by Camp Robin Hood, we will no longer be using their camp to host Camp Lucy.
We have several possibilities that we are looking at, and we are positive that Camp Lucy will have a new home by September 2018!

Unfortunately, due to a booking conflict by the camp we have been renting, we have to cancel Camp Lucy for 2017. We have attempted to reschedule for the following weekend, but it did not work out.

The camp has made substantial improvements over the years, and they are now being considered for larger and more profitable group rentals, like weddings. The requirements and pricing for us will be increased for next year. The costs will be too high for us to continue to make Camp Lucy an affordable weekend, so we will be looking for a new venue.

Camp Lucy is not a physical thing.
It’s not one summer camp located on the shores of Ossipee Lake.
It is the people and dogs that attend every year.
It is the people and dogs that have become friends.
We can and will move on and the people and the dogs who have made Camp Lucy so special will come wherever we end up and it will be great.

I will keep everyone appraised on the results of my search for a new camp. When I find a good place, everyone will know. My search will start this Fall after the summer camping season is over.

— Chandler Rudd

General Camp Information


Camp Lucy Memorial Wall

Last year we debuted the Camp Lucy Memorial Wall It's a moving tribute to the dogs we have lost over the years. Every year, we place the wall at the front of the cafeteria where everyone can view the plaques. The company I've contracted to make the plates combines color pictures with whatever amount of text desired to make a lasting memorial.

The company's name is Halex Awards in Geneva NY.
The price for the plaques are the same as last year.

  • $10.23 for the plaque with text only
  • $16.78 for the plaque, text and picture
  • $5.75 for shipping. The shipping is the same whether you have one, or 10 plaques.

For those of you who have pictures, there's a email address on the form where you can send the picture, just make sure you have your name prominently displayed in the email. The prices are at the bottom of the file. If you have more than one, the shipping remains the same.
If you do order a plaque, please put your name and address on the back. That way, if for some reason we don't do Camp Lucy, I can send you your plaque. They would look beautiful on an urn or box of your dogs ashes.
Remember to bring the plaques to camp with you!

Order Form

Photo from last year's Camp Lucy
Brought to you by Halex Awards

Below you will learn more about the Camp Lucy experience.
Included is a List of what to Bring to camp, a mandatory Vet Form that must be completed and other important messages.
Please take a few minutes to review the material,
and if you have any questions feel free to contact Chandler or Dee Rudd.

Camp Lucy is committed to providing activities and an environment that embraces the relationship between humans and their dog companions.
Relaxation and recreation for both humans and dogs are at the root of all activities. This is a weekend when memories that will last a lifetime can be made.


Registration for Camp Lucy is


Payment Options 

Paypal or Check are available


Makes Checks Out To:
Chandler Rudd

Copy of current Rabies Certificate for your dog(s) coming to camp 

Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Envelope addressed to:

Camp Lucy
c/o Dee Rudd
446 High Street
Hampton, NH  03842

Camp Checklist

Camp Events

Silent Auction

A Silent Auction will run from Friday until Sunday afternoon. We ask that you consider bringing a doggy item with you that can be offered at the auction. Use your imagination, think what you would like to bid on and bring an item for the auction. If your company or employer is willing to donate an item these too are greatly appreciated and are also tax deductible as a donation to The Goldstock Fund - Lucy's Legacy a 501(c) 3 charitable organization.

ALL proceeds from the Silent Auction will go to Lucy's Legacy fund.

E-Mail Chandler if you have anything that you would like to submit for the Silent Auction!


WadingCamp Lucy offers relaxation, recreation and many opportunities to make special life long memories with your beloved canine companion. It also seeks to provide educational and social activities that explore the health, emotions, and behavior of our beloved canine companions and that enhance the canine-human bond.

Below is a list of some of the activities that will be going on.



Marie Hanson, our Massage Therapist will be back this year!
Any campers who would like to book a session with her can contact her directly via her email.

CGC & CGCA Evaluations

  • Who:  Mary Jo McCormack
  • Price:  The Evaluations will be done at no charge
  • Where:  Saturday morning beginning at 9:30 am in the Chuck Illig Theater.
  • Registration:  E-mail Suzy Nattress
    • Your Name
    • Dog's Name
    • Which test you will be taking

If your dog has passed the CGC test, you may take the CGCA.
If you wish to have a certificate issued, or the title registered for your dog, payment would be sent in to the AKC.

We will need volunteers for the testing as well.

For information about what the test involves, please use the following links. CGC Test Items & Pledge and CGC Test Items 

Spaces are limited, so register quickly!

The Event is sponsored by The Maine Golden Retriever Club, and in memory of Heartland's Samuel Adams, RN, THD, CGC

Sara Moore
Medium, Hypnotist, Reiki Master and Animal Communicator

Our dear friend, Sara Moore, our long time animal communicator is coming back again this year!

She will be at camp Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday.  Please e-mail her if you are interested in a friday animal communication.

For Saturday appointments, s sign-up sheet will be available on the bulletin board at the entrance of the cafeteria.

Enlightened Horizons website   

On-Site Lodging

Housing & Food

Most of the cabins look out on to Lake Ossipee. Cabins are large and spacious and you will be sharing a cabin with approximately six to eight people. Each cabin does have its own bathroom, including shower.

Meals are served buffet style, all you can eat and then some! Breakfast may include a choice of hot or cold cereal, fresh fruit, juice, eggs in many forms, ham/or sausage/or bacon, waffles or blueberry pancakes, yogurt and fruit and other exciting morning surprises await you at breakfast time.

Lunch may offer a cookout on the beach, or sandwiches, salad bar, vegetarian selection and a choice of desserts such as cakes, cookies, puddings and other delicious goodies.

Dinner gives the Chef the opportunity to shine....Exciting main dishes such as roast turkey dinner, seafood or other gourmet delights tempt one to chose more than one entree, salad bar, vegetarian selection, hot rolls/bread ,homemade soup and a truly mouth watering selection of desserts complete a day of bountiful meals.

The Camp Robin Hood Chef is known for her cuisine and takes great pride and enjoyment in making special dishes for us. People who have attended events at the camp have said that they would come to a camp experience here for the food alone...high praise !!

RV Information

For those planning on bringing your RV there will be 120 volts available, but 20 amps only. In addition, there will be water hoses to fill your water tanks as needed.

If you have specific questions about your RV at camp, email Chandler Rudd

Off-Site Lodging

If you are not a camp person, and would prefer to stay in a local Inn or B & B at night, check out one of the following dog friendly establishments. There are no special rates or reserved rooms for Camp Lucy, you will need to make all your own arrangements.

Local Shopping & Emergency Options

Forget somthing? Need Ice? Gas? There is a convenience store and gas station within 15 minutes of the camp and a major shopping center with a super market and big box store approximately 30 minutes from camp.

Although we don't expect any canine medical problems, there are two emergency vet clinics within an hour of camp:


Watch Lucy's story as seen on NHPTV's Outlook program on August 6, 2001


ALL Friends of Lucy are invited to participate. You do not have to attend Camp Lucy to have your loved one included in this ceremony; just send in the appropriate information listed below.

This heartwarming and moving event will celebrate the memories of our beloved pets and human friends or relatives who are patiently waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. The ceremony will also provide an opportunity to offer healing thoughts to those who are sick or injured.

Our dear friend, Katie Dyer puts together the slide show every year. It is to remember our beloved pets and humans we have lost in the past year. It is also to send healing thoughts for people and pets fighting an illness or injury. Here is what Katie needs for the ceremony...

Send her the name of the pet or person needing healing thoughts or remembrances along with a jpeg picture that she can add to her slideshow.

Katie’s email address

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