The Goldstock Store

The Main Showroom

In our main showroom you'll find a wide assortment of Official Goldstock Merchandise. Ranging from Bumper Stickers to warm and comfy sweatshirts with the Goldstock logo. Stop by and take a look.

Camp Lucy / Lucy's Legacy Items

Items with the Camp Lucy and Lucy's Legacy logos!

Check out the 2010 Sashette Calendars here!

Support the Goldstock Fund Any purchases made from will result in a percentage of your purchase going to TGF - Thank you for your support.

Please take a moment and visit:

B-Unique Boutique

Wendy Engel of B-Unique has taken our Goldstock logo and created some wonderful fine leather products as well as some stunning clothing. So visit the B-Unique Boutique

Fishbone Silver Pendant

Fishbone Silver makes a lovely custom silver pendant with your dog's name or your kennel name on it. A portion of the sale will go to the Goldstock Fund and part will go to Smiling Blue Skies Fund for canine cancer.